Married with two daughters, I spend much of my time with my family, doing the usual dad/husband activities.  When I’m not doing things of that nature you will find me typically enthralled with my other passions of technology, comic books, science fiction and even a long love of basketball.

I’ve been collecting comic books since my early teen years.  There are many favourites, but the one that resonates most would be Green Lantern.  A great mix of power and imagination is poured together into a character.  It’s because of this character in particular, has helped fuel much of my imagination and creativity over the years.

But I’ve had my hands in technology even earlier than that.  Starting young with a Commadore64 and gradually moving from Commadore128, IBM 286/386/486, to Pentium’s and beyond.  Diving into DOS, OSX, Linux and every version of Windows.  And for the past number of years have been heavy in Citrix visualization technologies.  It’s been amazing watching us (society) evolve technologically and always excited to see where we’ll go with it next.

Hopefully, within this blog, you’ll find insights, tips, tricks or just something interesting to read.

You can find my online resume\background here on my LinkedIn profile

You can also find me on Twitter, @joshlindemann

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