The Armory

headI’ve been a big fan of Iron Man for a number of years (pre-movies).  Most people that come to my office at work will see a window ledge of Iron Man Figures through the ages which I keep referring to as my armory. So it was quite a pleasant surprise to go online and combine my love of Iron Man and LEGO. To clarify, LEGO has come out with a few different Iron Man sets but nothing like this.  They do have a few variants of Iron Man and at least another of WarMachine.  But not all these “suits”.

I’d also like to point out, this is not a MOC. I have modded a few sets together to build what you see here, but this was not my own. But I like what I built and had to share.


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So where did I acquire these? Apparently China doesn’t hold too strongly to copyright.  They have molded their own LEGO-type bricks and similar minifigs (though if you take the minifigs apart you will definitely see the difference). It’s not the same quality of brick that you might be used to, but it still works well. I’m sure the LEGO purists are squirming in their seats right now.  But you have to admit they are pretty kewl.  LEGO should have done something like this already.  I bet they would have sold a lot of sets.

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