“Bricked” your iDevice?

Abrickfter the recent round of iOS updates I thought I would post about “bricked” iDevices and what you can do to fix it yourself. First off, the term “bricked”, what is that? The term refers to when your device no longer functions in any capacity.  Because of the usual rectangular shape of the electronics, and because at present time doesn’t do anything has thus become as useful as a brick.

There are different ways that your iDevice can become bricked.

– You were using the device and now  everything has just frozen.

  • Press and hold the power button the home button (and keep holding them down).  After about 5-6 seconds your device should shut off.
  • When the Apple Logo appears again release both buttons.
  • Wait for the device to boot back up.  This may take up to 30-40seconds.

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– You are stuck with an iDevice and the Apple logo and nothing is happening.

  • You’ve already tried the PowerHome combination a few times and it hasn’t worked.  Still shows just the Apple logo.
  • Go to your computer, open iTunes and connect your iDevice to your computer.
  • Sometimes the iTunesiDevice sync process will kick it loose (this has worked a couple times in the past for me). The device will start working again
  • Or at this point, if still not working, iTunes may detect the iDevice and want to put it in recovery mode.  Continue with the restore process.  Please understand though, that if it’s going through the restore process it’s only going to restore back to when you last did a sync with that computer.  Any apps that you purchased since then will still be available for download (for free) but any data within the app will be lost.

– You broke it

  • Dropped it.  Screen shattered. Your child used it as a submarine in the bathtub. Child used it as a hockey puck.
  • Most of these would have to be placed through Apple support.  (though oddly, if the bathtub incident happens, don’t touch it. Throw it into a container of rice to help pull out moisture. Just leave it alone for a day or two and then see if you can charge it and turn it back on. After it’s dried I’ve heard on occasion where it works again)

Good Luck!!

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