Budgeting? Watch TV for FREE!

If you’re a student scrapping together two pennies, looking to cut down on costs at home, or just can’t figure out how to work the PVR? You can actually watch many of your TV shows on the iPad for free!Yes, that’ right, completely free.  They do throw in a few commercials here and there that are mandatory and you can’t skip past them.  But it’s reasonable to live through since they only add (1) commercial every 10-15min

TV Shows

CityTvVideo (free)
Global Video (free)
NBC (free)
CBC TV (Free)
FilmOnTV (free)  Pulling TV from around the word.  There are UK channels, Latin Channels, Asian Channels, Music Channels, Sports Channels

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CBC Hockey (Free)
NCAA March Madness (Free)  Streamed live games during March Madness. Released during March Madness only
NHL Ice Time – Playoffs Edition (Free) Released during the playoffs only


(free + $8/month) – Watch movies on your iPad.  The app is free but to sign up is approx. $8month.  Considering how many moviesTV series you can watch in a month for that cost, it’s worth it.  And the selection has gotten much better from when they first entered Canada.

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