Laptop Power Settings

Were you aware that you can adjust the power output of your laptop?  That if you are connected to a power supply, to increase the performance and CPU usage while working on tasks. Or if you have taken your laptop into a meeting to switch into a power saving mode to favour better battery life? Adjusting your power settings appropriately based on your work needs is essential. Below are instructions for both Windows and Mac users to optimize power settings for high performance when plugged in and for power saving when on battery.

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Outlook’s Scheduling Poll

We’ve all faced the challenge of coordinating meetings and finding a time that works for everyone. It can be frustrating, often requiring multiple emails and coordination of efforts. Many of us have turned to third-party tools like ‘Doodle Poll’ in an attempt to simplify this process.

Recently, I found an existing feature within Outlook that I’d like to share with you that could help streamline your scheduling: “New Scheduling Poll.” This tool is integrated directly into our Outlook email system and offers a convenient alternative to external apps.

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Mac Users – Quit approving accessories

Every new operating system introduces its own set of challenges, and MacOS is no exception. With each upgrade or update, MacOS users often encounter new hurdles.

One common issue for those using MacOS Sonoma is the need to approve new external devices each time they’re connected. This could include external drives, USB thumb drives, cameras, microphones, or adapters. Typically, a pop-up window appears to approve the device’s use.

However, there are times when this pop-up quickly vanishes before you can approve the device, leaving you unable to use your attached hardware. Or perhaps you’re simply tired of seeing this pop-up every time.

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