Laptop Power Settings

Were you aware that you can adjust the power output of your laptop?  That if you are connected to a power supply, to increase the performance and CPU usage while working on tasks. Or if you have taken your laptop into a meeting to switch into a power saving mode to favour better battery life? Adjusting your power settings appropriately based on your work needs is essential. Below are instructions for both Windows and Mac users to optimize power settings for high performance when plugged in and for power saving when on battery.

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I finally made it!

Well, I finally did it.  I created my own blog and typing my inaugural post.  To be honest it’s not the first time I’ve entered the blogging world.  In fact, I started a blog back in 2011 for work purposes.  Unfortunately, the business that wanted me to start up that particular blog wasn’t willing to help promote the blog.  Obviously I tried to promote it myself through online sources, but when the target audience was mainly within that organization I felt I was merely writing for myself and it was losing the excitement that I started with.  So after a year I finally let it go.

Recently, I attended a presentation from George Couros on “Parent 2.0” and the effectiveness on introducing young children to technology (ie: blogging) in their earlier years and the good impact that it could serve. As I decided to get my young daughter a blog I decided to get myself one at the same time.  Not only to learn along and do it with her, but to also give it another attempt.

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I hope you enjoy!