General iPad Tips – Part2

Round 2 of General iPad Tips

Copy and Paste Text

Find a paragraph or portion of text you want to copy, and tap and hold down on it with your finger for about 2 seconds.

When you release your finger, a menu bubble should pop up with three options (Select, Select All, Paste). Choose “Select”, and the word just below where you released your finger should be highlighted. At each side of the highlighted segment, you should see a little blue dot hovering above or below the margin. You can press and drag these blue dots to expand the highlighted segment of text to the left or right until you have selected all of your desired text. When you are finished, a new menu bubble will pop up (Cut, Copy, Paste).

You can then choose “Copy” to save your highlighted text to your iPad’s clipboard memory.

To paste the text elsewhere, move to the document or app you want to paste into.Tap on the space where you want to insert the text and hold down on it for about 2 seconds. A menu bubble should pop up with three options (Select, Select All, Paste). Tap on the button for “Paste” and your copied text should appear.


Create a Website Shortcut on Home Screen

On the iPad, you can create a shortcut (kind of like a bookmark) on your iPad home screen for any web page you want. This is helpful if you want to access a web page quickly. Open Safari and navigate to a web page that you want to create a shortcut for. Once you’re there, tap the icon directly to the left of the address bar that has an arrow pointing to the right inside a box. Four options will come up (Add Bookmark, Add to Home Screen, Mail Link to this Page, and Print). To add a shortcut to your home page, select, Add to Home Screen.


Create a Bookmark

To create a bookmark in Safari, first go to the Settings app on your home page, tap on Safari, and make sure that “Always Show Bookmarks Bar” is on. Then, go to Safari and follow the same instructions for creating a web clip, only select “Add Bookmark.” Then, when you’re in Safari and you tap on the icon on the top menu bar that looks like an open book, your bookmarks should appear.


Scroll Quickly to the Top of a Web Page

If you’re viewing a web page in Safari and want to quickly scroll back to the top of the web page, simply tap the web page menu bar at the top of the screen.
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Quickly Search for Apps

If you have a lot of apps on your iPad and it’s hard to find what you’re looking for, swipe your finger to the right when you’re on your home screen. This should bring up a “spotlight” search screen. You can enter the name of the app you’re looking for and it should appear in the search results. You can also get to the “spotlight” search by clicking the “Home” button when you’re on your home screen.


Reveal Hidden Keyboard Characters

There’s more than meets the eye with the iPad’s on-screen keyboard. Holding down certain keys provides additional character options. A long taphold on the Comma key, for example, brings an apostrophe. Right next door, the Period key offers up a quote mark too. On the numeric keyboard, shown here, the Quote Mark key hides smart quotes and other symbols if you hold it down for a second. Oh, and if you didn’t know, hitting the spacebar twice inserts a period.


An Easy Save for E-Mail Photo Attachments

If you get a picture with an e-mail message, tap on the attachement, and you’ll get a pop-up menu that gives you the option to Copy or Save Image. Select save, and the image will be saved to your Camera Roll. The copy function lets you paste the image into another application.


Customize the Side Switch

The iPad has (3) main buttons.   You have the have your Home button, the Volume control and a switch that can act as a mute button or a screen orientation lock, which basically stops the screen from changing orientation. Go to Settings>General and under “Use Side Switch To:” choose either Lock Rotation or Mute.  B default it’s set to a mute button, but I would suggest changing this to Lock Rotation.  You’ll probably find more use to lock the rotation especially when you hold down the Volume Down function for about 2 sec and it will mute your iPad.


View and Kill Running Apps

Multitasking is a welcome addition to iOS, but once you open an app, it stays open, unless you manually close it. Two quick hits of the Home button can show you the apps you have running, and depending on how many there are, you might need to swipe to the right a couple of times to see them all. Press and hold on one icon, and they’ll all start shaking (like when you move icons around on your Home screen). Tap on the small red minus sign in the top left corner of its icon to kill that app.  Some reports have indicated that leaving a lot of apps open will drain your battery a little quicker than if you were to close them.  But the drain happens slowly over time and doesn’t show a dramatic change.

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