General iPad Tips

Perform a Soft Reset after lock up or system crash
Hold down the SleepPower button and Home button for several seconds until you see the Apple smbol

Force Quit and Return to the Desktop
Just hold down the Home button for several seconds to force quit the application and then you can return to the desktop.

Orientation Lock or Mute?

You can head to SETTINGS -> GENERAL to choose the functionality of the switch next to the volume buttons between Lock Rotation and Mute.

Fast Mute Method
To turn off the speaker hold down the “down ” volume button for two seconds

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Just like the iPhone, you can press the power button and Home button, and then a snapshot of the screen will be stored in png format in the photo library. You can then email or sync to PC.

Set the VoiceOver in the SETTINGS -> GENERAL -> ACCESSIBILITY and text will be read to you. In general it can read the books in the iBooks app.

Zoom in on websites

You can zoom in on any website by pinching out with two fingers on the screen. This also makes it easier to select words and tap links. To zoom out again, just pinch in with two fingers. Double-tap on any text or image to auto-zoom so it fills the screen.

Open Safari links in a new page

You can open links in a new Safari window, rather than always opening them in the current one. Just tap and hold on the link and a pop-over menu appears giving you the option to open the link in a new page.

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