Increase your Dropbox account

If you’re a mobile user accessing files on the go, or even a user at home that backs up some of their files into the cloud, you most likely have a Dropbox account.  If you don’t have a Dropbox account, than I highly recommend getting one here.  It’s very useful as it can help;

  • Sync and access files across multiple computers, devices and operating systems
  • Access to files wherever you are (with Internet access)
  • Access your files through a web browser in case your computer or device are inaccessible
  • Back up your files
  • Recover files you deleted (that were on Dropbox)
  • Share folders between Dropbox users
  • Share links to your files to anyone

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You start your account with 2GB of free space.  And this is a decent start for most simple things. But as you begin to use it more and more you’ll quickly find that your 2GB isn’t holding as much as you had hoped.  And there are ways to increase your space…..for free!

  • Complete the “Getting Started” guide after signing up
  • If you refer friends (with your account referral link) you increase your space by 500MB per person
  • Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Dropbox profile
  • Follow Dropbox on Twitter
  • Upload photos to Dropbox using the “Camera Upload” feature (+3GB)
  • Send Dropbox some feedback
  • Link Dropbox with your “Mailbox for iOS” (+1GB)

Dropbox can be installed for any operating system.  And when looking at apps for your mobile devices check to see if they have Dropbox functionality.  There are tons of apps out there that connect to the cloud service and its very beneficial to do so.

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