Lego Christmas in the Park

I’m always fascinated by the MOC (My Own Creation) Lego I’ve seen others build.  Unfortunately, I just don’t have the resources that many have out there to build the things that pop into my head.  So out of the sets that we have, and the extra pieces I’ve gathered over time I still try to build what I’m thinking of and have fun doing it.

During the Christmas season we have little elves that invade our home.  And just before the elves left back to the North Pole, “they” built this little Lego “Christmas in the Park” scene.  I’m pretty impressed with it.  I would have to guess it took “the elves” a few days to find the parts and put it all together.
I think the best part was seeing the look on my daughter’s faces when they came down in the morning and saw it.  It was fun for a first stab at something I created and would put on display. I’m thinking that this might become a new Christmas tradition and build a new scene each year.  Now…. to come up with the ideas for a new scene each year.

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