Outline+, it’s MSOneNote for your iPad

http://outline.wsPersonally I love using Microsoft OneNote.  For those of you that don’t know MS OneNote, I think the best way to describe it is as an electronic version of a coil ring notebook.  You can have different notebooks for different subjectstopics and inside each of those you can have multiple tabs each holding multiple pages.  As I said, it’s a great way to keep all your notes organized.  But what if you’re a mobile user on your iPad?

Now take that awesome OneNote experience and put it into the iPad.  Welcome to Outline+.  All the same functionality of OneNote (or pretty close to it) can be found in the iPad app.  In fact the layout should be the same.  Outline+ for the iPad allows you to view and edit your OneNote files in the same look and feel of OneNote.
Their free version allows you to “sync” your OneNote files from a computer only and has a limitation of 30 pages per tab. But it will give you a pretty good trial of what you can do with it. The paid version (Outline+ for $15) allows you to sync with Dropbox, Skydrive and Box.

Things you can do with Outline+ are:

  • Highlight
  • Write notes with a rich text editor
  • Annotation
  • Draw notes
  • Password protect sections
  • Share a page via Email
  • Export to PDF
  • Insert images
  • Create new notebooks
  • Sync with Cloud Storage
  • Sync with Sharepoint

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Outline Screenshot
(Outline+ shown on the iPad)

Personally, I keep all my OneNote notebooks in my Dropbox folder.  This way I can access them on my computer, shutdown OneNote, and then fire up and continue on my iPad in Outline+.  Having them accessible anywhere really is key. The additional bonus to having them in cloud storage is that you should have a backup version just in case something goes wrong.

Outline – Free

Outline+ $14.99

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