Rebrick Superhero Cover Competition

Recently I fell upon a notice that Rebrick was putting on a building challenge.  The challenge is to build a favorite comic book cover featuring Superman, Batman, and/or Wonder Woman, or create one of your own.  I’ve never entered a building challenge before but it sounded like fun and theme was definitely for me.  The only thing rule that it must contain one of the “Big 3” characters.  Other than that, it was up to the imagination (and only LEGO bricks).  The following are my entries into the contest and it’s original comic.((Click an image to see it larger))

Superman: Man of Steel #1 (mini-series)






And here’s a close up of the ship



Batman #497

batman497 - finsihed2batman497 - Copy








Fortress of Solitude (combination of “Action Comics #241” and “Secrets of the Fortress of Solitude”)


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Justice League of America #1









Action Comics #892 (variant cover)




Batman ’66 “Wall Joke” (not based off any comic cover.)
Anyone that watched the original Batman TV Series will know of the ‘climbing the wall’ joke they would do.  Surprisingly DC Comics hasn’t done this on their covers yet, so I figured I would get there first.


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