Reebee – Delivering Flyers to Your Mobile Device

rebeeGone are the days where you would get tons of flyers in your mailbox, or rolled up bundles being thrown at your doorstep.  Unless it’s Christmas you probably won’t be seeing flyers all that often any more, especially with everyone trying to save a tree.

But lets be honest. We did still like to see what sales were coming our way and help us save a few dollars. Well, there’s an app for that and ReeBee is it.

My sister-in-law pointed me to this little gem. Once installed it will pull flyers from  your local location and present them in a visual library type format.  Just click on the flyer you want to view and read through it.  And the best thing is, you won’t get that pile up of papers.
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Traveling?  Reebee will pull your current location as you start the app.  So if you’re in the big city tomorrow, just turn on the app and see what flyers are available to you.  Reebee will even notify you when new flyers arrive.

ReeBee is an app for iDevices, Androids, or even Blackberries.  The app is free, so I don’t know how they make money off it unless the businesses pay them to post through the app.  But it’s definitely worth checking out.

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