How to Tether your iPad to iPhone

iPadandiPhoneFor many iPad users, they opted to purchase the iPad with WiFi and not with 3G.  In my opinion this was a smart move.  Unless you have an actual need to have an iPad with 3G it probably won’t be overly useful to you.  But for the rest of us with standard WiFi there are those times that we need to connect to the internet but just can’t find an internet WiFi in your area.  If you are one of those users, then this is for you. If you own an iPhone, you already have the ability to tether your iPad and use your phone’s data package.  You turn your iPhone into a wireless internet hotspot that you can connect to anywhere you have connection to your cellphone provider.

A internet personal hotspot is just a very a short range WiFi signal.  Anyone in this localized area can connect to your signal providing they have the access password.

So how does one do this?

A couple different ways depending on your iPhone and the iOS you have.

To setup up your iPad to tether to your older iPhone (make sure both devices have Bluetooth turned on)
1) Open iPhone
2) Go to Settings
3) Click the menu option ‘General’
4) Then click the option menu ‘Network’
5) Then click the option ‘personal hotspot’
6) Turn on the personal hotspot (and take note of the password shown)
7) Once your iPhone becomes discoverable have your iPad search for the name displayed and connect to the iPhone using the password displayed on the iPhone hotspot page.

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1) Open iPhone
2) Go to Settings
4) then click the option menu ‘Personal HotSpot’
5) Turn on the personal hotspot (For Wi-FI devices it will indicate your iPhone’s name under the on/off switch so when searching for it you know what you are looking for.)
6) Set the Wifi password to something easier/better if you wish
7) Once your iPhone becomes discoverable have your iPad search for the name displayed and connect to the iPhone.

Once your personal hotspot is active and you have attached a device you can go back into your iPhone and see how many devices are connected to your iPhone.  But you won’t be able to see who they are.

Apparently, down in the USA, AT&T and Verizon make you pay $20/month for this feature.  But I don’t believe any of the providers in Canada do this.

**WARNING** – never leave this always connected!  In doing so, you will keep eating away at your cellphone data plan and you do not want to get those overage fees.  The idea here is that you use your cellphone as a temporary hotspot.  When you are done doing what you needed to do on your iPad, that you turn off this function on your iPhone.

Now that you know how to tether your iPad to your iPhone.  You should now realize that you can do this for other things too.  Perhaps connect a laptop? Or any other device that looks for a WiFi signal.
Just be aware when using this feature.  As I mentioned, don’t forget to turn it off when you’re not using it.  But also realize that this is not a good time to run app updates, or Windows updates on your devices.  This will just run through your data plan instantly.

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