Typing Tips

Some tips on how to better type with the keyboard on your iPad

Turn iPad caps lock on

To type a capital letter on the onscreen keyboard you first tap the left or right shift key, then the letter. If you need to type a whole word in caps this can be painful. Save time typing in caps by turning the caps lock on. To do this double tap on either shift key.

Copy and paste

You can quickly copy and paste text by tapping and holding down, and then choosing Select to select the exact portion of text you’d like the copy. Next tap Copy, then go to a different app, and tap and hold down again, then tap Paste from the menu that appears. Top tip: To select an entire paragraph of text you need to tap four times.

Replace a word

When you hold down on a word to copy it, choose Select, then you will see a new option: Replace. Tap this and, you can see suggestions for alternative words that have similar spellings. It’s a good way of quickly correcting typos.

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Delete the content you just wrote
Shake the iPad and a screen will pop up which will ask if you want to undo your input. And you can shake again to redo the input.

Hidden apostrophe key on the keyboard

This is a great tip for any app, such as Notes, Pages or Mail, that you type into using the iPad’s virtual keyboard. Rather than having to go to the second screen of the keyboard every time you want to type an apostrophe (which is a real pain) just tap and hold on the ! key and a hidden apostrophe option will appear – then just slide your finger up to access it.

Quick quotes

You don’t have to move the iPad’s second keyboard screen to enter a quotation mark either. Simply tap and hold over the ? key and a quotation symbol appears, which you can select by moving your finger upwards.

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