VHD resizer

I’ve been working in a virtual environment for almost 7 years now and I came across this little tool a long time ago.  It’s one of those tools that you keep in your toolbelt. It still works, but I can’t seem to find it to download it any longer.  So I thought I would post it to make it available to others like myself out there.

If you’ve ever created a virtual drive, whether it be with Citrix, VMWare, or Microsoft you may give your C Drive a certain amount of drive space when you first build.  Fast forward a few months later (and many windows updates) you now find your C Drive does not have the capacity you originally created for it and is running dangerously low.

Once a virtual machine is created there typically isn’t a way to expand the size of the drive other than to rebuild your virtual machine.  Not something anyone ever wants to do. VHD Resizer will allow you to expand the main drive of your virtual machine without having to go to those extremes.
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Keep in mind you will need at least triple the amount of space (of your virtual drive) on the computer you are duplicating your virtual hard drive as VHD Resizer will duplicate your virtual drive as well as need a temporary working space.  But in the end you have a full copy of your original drive plus the extra space you allocated.


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