Word/Excel – Out of Space Error

When using Microsoft applications, such as Word or Excel, in a virtual environment I’ve run into a problem where I was given a false error when opening a file indicating “out of space”. Now, it’s not surprising that the error message isn’t overly descriptive.  Let’s be honest, when is it ever?  After a lot of digging I found that the error message isn’t in relation to drive space of any kind.  The issue is actually within the application’s Trust Center.

All Microsoft applications have a Trust Center to help protect you from scary danger.  This particular setting is in a sub-setting called Protected View.  It’s enabled to protect you from files originating outside of your computer such as the internet, network locations or email attachments.  Even if it’s from a trusted-to-you location, you don’t really get a way around it.

To disable this;

  • open ExcelWordPowerPoint
  • go to FILE –> OPTIONS –> Trust Center
  • Click the button ‘trust center settings’
  • from the left-side menu; select ‘protected view’
  • uncheck all (3) options
  • Click OK and fully exit from ExcelWordPowerPoint
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And there you go.  The issue is no more.  But why it tells you that it’s a space issue is still beyond me.

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