You’re still missing Flash? Really?

Adobe made the announcement last November that they were no longer going to continue the development of Flash for mobile devices, (see here) to move towards a more friendly HTML5 world. But unfortunately, there are still websites out there that are still using Flash in a heavy way.  Those websites still can’t be seen on the iPad.

But fear not, there are apps for that.  Some of these apps don’t actually run Flash on your device.  It actually runs Flash on an external server and presents you the page on your iPad.

Skyfire Web Browser

Photon Flash Browser
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iSwifter Browser

Puffin Web Browser

Now be warned, these apps can help you view Flash websites, and in some cases may allow to play your basic Flash games, but they are just helper programs.  Don’t be surprised if it’s a bit choppy, has issues, or doesn’t work.  This programs are helping you do something that isn’t normally possible.  So be patient, and be happy.  Enjoy!

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